Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

It's not just millennials who are tired of meetings that seem to go nowhere but eat up huge chunks of time.

"If we're honest, meetings are usually distracting, they often don't achieve much and they hamper productivity," says Keith Fenner, the vice-president of software company Sage Enterprise Africa and Middle East. He has the following advice on how to make meetings less tiresome and more useful:

Find the technology that works for you and use it. "With the Slack meeting bot, for example, you can quickly set up 'channels' by project, client or team, so that you can chat and share files in real time," says Fenner;

Do not run meetings by the seat of your pants - set an agenda, send it to each participant and then stick to it. "The agenda keeps everyone on track and helps the organiser to prepare adequately;"

Set shorter meetings - no more than 45 minutes, rather than the standard hour;

Just like an argument, you do not need to show up for every meeting you are invited to. If it will be valuable for you, accept the invitation, if not, decline; and

Cutting back on the duration and number of meetings is likely to improve their quality. - Margaret Harris

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