WH AUCTIONS has built a strong business around focusing its expertise and passion into certain industries and sectors it knows better than anyone else.

The firm offers a diverse range of industrial, engineering, trucking and mining equipment. It prides itself on identifying market opportunities that the firm can add value to.

Over the past decade or so, classic and collectable cars have offered a recreational and investment return for keen investors.

This has proved to be the strongest-performing investment category, but the exciting thing is this offering not only yields incredibly strong financial returns but also self-satisfaction and enjoyment - a unique personal experience for savvy investors to "drive" their assets.

Wines and art have also performed well, but these are a bit more specialised and exclusive.

The classic and collectable cars market, on the other hand, is more internationally active and these assets continue to grow in value, allowing South African collectors the exchange-rate upside, where relevant.

WH Auctions recognised this investment trend and aligned itself with the growth in classic car auctions globally as a preferred platform for acquiring and disposing of classic cars.

The classic car collector community comprises long-term enthusiasts who like to look around and interact as they buy and sell. WH Auctions honed its instincts and has run a series of classic car auctions.

Partner Shannon Winterstein is a classic car enthusiast himself, and has bought and sold many of his own classics, so he fully appreciates the allure of this class of vehicle.

"We are lucky enough to deal in what we love, and classic cars are my passion," he says. "Popularisation and awareness of classic cars have flourished through car clubs, TV programmes on collectors and restoration, the explosion of social media such as Instagram and Facebook enabling exponential sharing of relevant pictures, and some top celebrities opening their garages for the world to see their personal collections."

WH Auctions services the growing demand for classics by making the auctions as accessible as possible. WH Auctions has been the industry leader in online and webcast auctions.

Winterstein says: "Accompanying the upcoming classic car auction on 24 June, we have a live webcast so interested buyers can participate from other provinces, or even internationally.

"Often the buying cycle involves spending time gathering knowledge and comparing options. We are proud of our website showcasing details and quality picture for prospective buyers.

"We offer all shapes and sizes and ages of classics, ranging in price from tens of thousands of rand up to millions of rands."

One particularly exciting example of the auction, on June 24, is a magnificent, green 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster. Winterstein invites the public to look - on the website and on the day.

WH Auctions will also host its monthly "big" yard on June 27.

It can be contacted on 011 5745700. Its website can be visited for all auction details: www.whauctions.com

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