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South Africa's favourite personal financial planner is also a broadcast personality well known to SAFM listeners. Bryan Hirsch, director of Bryan Hirsch Colley & Associates, is now bringing his expertise to Business Day TV. Live every Monday night at 8:30pm, Bryan and his panel of experts discuss a wide range of issues impacting on you, the viewer. This is your chance to ask that question specific to you and your money, or to bounce an idea off Bryan and his guests.

Latest Episode

Bryan Hirsch, Managing Director of Accuro Gordon Stuart, and Head of Legal Services at Discovery Life Harry Joffe further discuss the topic of estate planning and what to do when it has gone horribly wrong.

Recent Episodes

How does the budget impact on a client's financial planning? Darryl Bennett from Sasfin and Sandy van der Zanden from Anchor Capital take a look at this in more detail.

What are Section 12J Investments? Jonty Sacks, Partner at Jaltech Fund Managers joins Bryan Hirsch to discuss this method of saving tax on your retirement funds

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