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It takes real guts and capital to leave the secure corporate world and venture into business. Upstarts is a weekly show which profiles some of the country’s young and bold entrepreneurs who have managed to create sustainable business start up’s.  Find out how a leap of faith has resulted in successful business ventures, only on BusinessDay TV.

This week:

Owner of Aneno Beauty Bar, Mpoomy Ledwaba , shares her entrepreneurial journey of starting her own enterprise within the hair & beauty industry as a young businesswoman.

Previous Episodes

We follow the journey of spectacular dynamic duo, Ntsako and Desmond Maswanganyi, the founders of Aluta Sunglasses. They explain what lead them to leave their corporate careers to start their entrepreneurial journey, with their brand firmly rooted in the African narrative.

Ditiro Rantloane, the Founder and CEO of e-llumin8, a digital platform that allows students to purchase textbooks online, takes through his entrepreneurial challenges and successes.

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