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The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice. The programme is tailor-made for entrepreneurs, giving great insight and tips to those who want to grow their ventures, as well as those who wanting to take the step towards entrepreneurship.

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This week

93 year old Mordi Perlov arrived in Joburg as an orphan at the age of 26. His family (who he’s never met before) took him in like a son and together they built successful ventures over many years. Basic business principles don't age.

Recent Episodes

You were right at the time. Times change. Doesn’t mean you were wrong, you’re just no longer right. Now you need to uncreate & create again. Richard Mulholland from Cultovation Group gives tips on how to walk away from money spent.

Maxine Pietersen, founder of First Born Naturally, offers natural skin products to clients. She has a big order, but doesn’t have the cashflow to outsource to manufacture on big scale and asked the panel for guidance on the next step.

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