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Red Bull F1’s Adrian Newey is world car person of the year

Motor News Reoprter

Newey is the designer behind the RB19, the most dominant race car in the history of Formula One, winning 21 of 22 races in 2023

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JUSTICE MALALA: Numbers in successive budgets reveal the depth of South Africa’s decline

Justice Malala

A comparison with the speech of 2018 paints a frightening picture of the ANC’s failure

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HELMOED RÖMER HEITMAN: Ability of tiny SA force to fight armed DRC groups is overestimated

Helmoed Römer Heitman

The government wants to play a regional security role with what amounts to a poorly funded border guard

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Shareholders place flight from SA assets in the spotlight at Coronation AGM

Katharine Child

Board grilled on executive remuneration, climate change and the shrinking JSE

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