A rebel soldier in the DRC. Picture: REUTERS
A rebel soldier in the DRC. Picture: REUTERS

Beni, DRC — One person was killed and 17 kidnapped in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) late on Monday in a raid blamed on a notorious Ugandan militia accused of a massacre in a regional city two days earlier, sources said.

The new attack took place in the town of Oicha, around 30km south of Beni, where 21 people were killed on Saturday by men wielding machetes and firing guns. The authorities are blaming both attacks on the Allied Democratic Forces, a militia rooted in Ugandan Islamism that has killed hundreds of people in North Kivu province since 2014.

Besides the deaths and abductions in Oicha, four houses were burned down and chickens and goats taken away, a local administrator said. Oicha was "paralysed" and most shops and schools were closed.

The provinces of North and South Kivu lie in a border region that has been prey to war and lower-level conflict since 1994.

Local anger surged after the latest attacks and was directed at failures by the authorities to curb the violence.

"Enough is enough," said Beni’s bishop, Sikuli Paluku. "How is it that even with the presence and large-scale deployment in the region of the DRC’s armed forces and with the massive presence of the UN mission in Congo ... we cannot end this curse?"