Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Picture: REUTERS
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Picture: REUTERS

Harare — Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was quoted as saying on Sunday that his Zanu (PF) party and the people saw no viable successor to him for general elections due in 2018.

"They want me to stand for elections, they want me to stand for elections everywhere in the party… The majority of the people feel that there is no replacement, successor who to them is acceptable, as acceptable as I am," he said in comments to state media ahead of his 93rd birthday this week.

"The people, you know, would want to judge everyone else on the basis of president Mugabe as the criteria," he said.

Mugabe has been in power since 1980 and in December, his party confirmed him as its candidate for the next presidential election, expected in mid-2018.

"Of course, if I feel that I can’t do it anymore, I will say so to my party so that they relieve me. But for now, I think I can’t say so," Mugabe said.

Mugabe, known for his combative style, said he agreed with US President Donald Trump’s "America for America" approach. "When it comes to Donald Trump … America for Americans — on that we agree. Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans," he said.


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