Quito — Wikileaks leader Julian Assange lost his court bid to overturn new house rules imposed on him at Ecuador’s embassy in London, where’s he has been holed up for the past six years to avoid arrest in the UK.

Ecuadorian judge Karina Martinez rejected Assange’s request for an injunction against new foreign ministry protocols, which bar him from commenting on affairs in a way that could harm Ecuador’s foreign relations, set parameters on his visitation privileges, and require him to clean up after his cat.

Assange, an Ecuadorian citizen since December, could be expelled from the embassy should he fail to comply with the new rules. The UK, where he is wanted for skipping bail, informed Ecuador earlier this year that, were Assange to abandon the embassy, he would not be extradited to a country where he could face the death penalty, Ecuador’s attorney-general, Inigo Salvador, said.

“There’s a limit as to how low a country can stoop,” Assange, now with a flowing white beard and hair, said via audio-video feed from the embassy.

The new rules were a veiled attempt by Ecuador to end his asylum status because of pressure by the US and UK on the government of President Lenin Moreno, he said.

The terms of the protocol were humiliating, and kept him from meeting his children and working as a journalist, Assange said.