Kaizer Chiefs
Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs are receiving increased international interest in sales of their jersey after it was voted UK football magazine FourFourTwo’s best in the world for the 2018-19 season.

Chiefs’ traditional gold home and new purple away jerseys beat Boca Juniors‚ Aston Villa‚ Fulham and Sampdoria in the top five of FourFourTwo’s ranking of this season’s top 20 football shirts.

The magazine wrote: "Oh yes. Kaizer Chiefs have produced two delightful kits for the current season: first‚ a gold home jersey with black stripes which represent ‘traditional spears rising together to create a sense of motion and unity on the field’. The second is a stunning purple-bodied‚ black-sleeved change strip with some fetching splashes of gold on the collar‚ crest and Nike swoosh. Now‚ where can we buy one or 10?"

Chiefs marketing director Jessica Motaung said the ranking in such a globally read magazine has introduced the club to new markets.

"It amplifies the brand for those who do know us‚ but also introduces us to new markets who don’t‚" Motaung said.

"When FourFourTwo highlights it‚ it also shows that we’re authentic to our football.

"I think also it’s great for African football clubs. Because you’ve seen the vibes with the Nigeria national team jerseys‚ but from a club point of view‚ clubs also need to stand out internationally. And we’re glad we’re able to represent."

Chiefs’ jersey receives this recognition even though‚ at home when it was released‚ some social media reaction from their fans was critical‚ especially of the away kit.

"It’s been interesting because you listen to some of the chatter and then you look at the response commercially where people actually go and buy the jersey‚ and it’s a completely different story‚" Motaung said.

FourFourTwo’s ranking "is very exciting for us‚ because we invest so much in the design process. And we do it so long in advance. We’ve just signed off our 50th anniversary jersey‚ which is going to come out in the next season."