Paris — The women’s rugby sevens circuit will regain a tournament in the upcoming season that carries Olympic places as an incentive, World Rugby announced on Wednesday.

The 2018/2019 women’s competition will begin on October 20-21 with a new stop in Glendale, Colorado.

This means there will again be six events after the event in Clermont-Ferrand dropped off the calendar last season.

The men’s circuit will again offer 10 events.

The women and men will overlap at the events in Dubai, Sydney and Paris.

When both competitions end in Paris on May 31 to June 2, the top four teams in both will earn places in the Tokyo Olympics.

Women’s tournaments

October 20-21: Glendale (US). November 29-30: Dubai. February 1-3: Sydney (Australia). April 20-21: Kitakyushu (Japan). May 11-12: Langford (Canada). May 31-June 2: Paris (France).

Men’s tournaments

November 30-December 1: Dubai. December 8-9: Cape Town (SA). January 26-27: Hamilton (New Zealand). February 2-3: Sydney (Australia). March 1-3: Las Vegas (US). March 9-10: Vancouver (Canada). April 5-7: Hong-Kong. April 13-14: Singapore. May 25-26: London (UK). June 1-2: Paris (France).