Manny Pacquiao. Picture: REUTERS
Manny Pacquiao. Picture: REUTERS

Manila — Manny Pacquiao is "not surprised" the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) has affirmed the loss of his welterweight title to Australian Jeff Horn, but he rails at large at judges who "manipulated results".

The WBO ordered a review of the scoring of the July 2 Brisbane bout at the request of the Philippines’ Games and Amusements Board, which criticised the judges and the referee.

The WBO set up a panel of independent and anonymous judges to watch and score a recording of the bout without sound. On Tuesday, it said the judges found Horn had won seven rounds to Pacquiao’s five.

"We have seen worse judgments in the past where judges manipulated results. Nothing surprises me now," the Philippine ring legend said.

He did not name the judges nor mention the specific fights in his allegations. "Let the people judge for themselves. People saw what happened," said the 38-year-old, who won world titles in an unprecedented eight weight divisions.

The undefeated but unheralded Horn, 29, had stunned Pacquiao with his ultra-aggressiveness to earn a unanimous decision. But the Filipino’s camp alleged that the referee let the Australian get away with illegal tactics.

The WBO ordered the review, while stressing it did not have the power to reverse a decision unless fraud or legal violations were proven.

Pacquiao had endorsed the call for a review issued by the Filipino sports regulator, which lashed out at the "unfair decision and officiating" of the fight.

Pacquiao had initially called for a Horn rematch, but later said he would also "think hard" about retiring.


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