Sunette Viljoen. File Picture: GETTY IMAGES/IAN WALTON
Sunette Viljoen. File Picture: GETTY IMAGES/IAN WALTON

The effortlessness of Sunette Viljoen’s World Championships qualification throw at the third leg of the Athletic Speed Series in Potchefstroom could be a warning to her rivals.

Having finally broken her Olympic duck with silver at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro‚ Viljoen looked lean‚ mean and ready to conquer the year.

Her throw of 62.83m was a far better start than her disappointing beginning at Pilditch Stadium in Pretoria in 2016 when she just broke 50m.

The World Championships qualification mark is 61.40m.

"I’ve been very motivated after the Rio Olympics‚ especially after the support I got from the people of SA‚" she said.

"I saw what that Olympic medal meant to the country and it has motivated me to do better. I’ve been doing a lot of different things in my training and I’ve also lost 6kg-7kg.

"I feel lighter on my feet and stronger in my heart.

"I love to throw the javelin and I want to be the best.

"I have an enormous drive in my heart and I think that’s something you’re born with‚ especially when you wake up every day and go to training.

"I feel I haven’t had enough in my heart. I know I can still do better and I know the morning when I’ll wake up and know I’ve had enough. It’s not there yet."

Viljoen has taken up boxing to improve her technique.

This was apparent in the ease with which she threw at Kenneth McArthur Stadium.

Viljoen said the boxing had improved her throwing ability.

"I do boxing once a week and it keeps me very fit and very strong in my upper body.

"It helps me deliver the javelin with speed‚ and the arm speed I’m getting is amazing.

"If I have some frustrations‚ I just go to the ring and box them out‚" Viljoen said.

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