The gloves came off on Thursday after suspended Cricket SA (CSA) CEO Thabang Moroe reported for duty and accused the governing body’s president, Chris Nenzani, of contravening the organisation’s disciplinary procedures during the process of his suspension.

Moroe said in a lawyer’s letter addressed to Nenzani and CSA on June 8 that the president was in contravention of the organisation’s disciplinary codes and procedures when he suspended the CEO via a phone call on December 5 2019 without indicating the length of the suspension nor serving him with a letter of suspension.

It is understood Moroe’s access card was deactivated when he was suspended, and management inside CSA’s Melrose Estate premises had to be alerted of his presence at the gates. After waiting outside‚ Moroe was finally let in.

“We should note the suspension of our client via telephone by Mr Nenzani‚ was in direct contravention of  CSA’s disciplinary codes and procedures‚ particularly clause 11.2.2‚” the letter said.

Parts of the clause state:

• An employee may be suspended temporarily pending the conclusion of a disciplinary inquiry into a serious transgression. Suspension will take place on full remuneration and is preventative in nature.

• CSA will provide the employee with an opportunity to motivate within 48 hours why he or she should not be suspended. After having decided to suspend an employee,  CSA will inform the employee of the reasons for this decision in writing.

• The disciplinary inquiry must take place as soon as reasonably possible after suspension‚ but after completion of the investigation. As a general guideline‚ suspension periods should not exceed two months.

Through his lawyers‚ Moroe also accused Nenzani of not having given him an opportunity to give reasons why he should not be suspended‚ as per the organisation’s policy.

It is understood Moroe received a suspension letter only in late January.

According to Moroe’s lawyers‚ Nenzani was allegedly in contravention of the CSA disciplinary code when he informed the CEO via another phone call that the suspension would last for six months from December 5.

“In this instance again Mr Nenzani persisted in flouting clause 11.2.2 of the disciplinary codes.”

The CSA had until the end of business on June 9 to respond to the letter.

Attempts to get comment from CSA spokesperson Thami Mthembu drew a blank, but Nenzani said the board would be meeting later on Thursday night‚ before making a statement.

CSA’s acting CEO Jacques Faul said he could not comment on the matter.