Picture: 123RF/ NIKKYTOK
Picture: 123RF/ NIKKYTOK

Cricket SA wants to host the Cricket World Cup. 

But first it needs to convince the other full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to extend the Future Tours Programme (FTP).

The current FTP concludes in 2023 but SA wants it to be extended to 2027/28 so it can bid for ICC events‚ in particular the World Cup.

It is with that jewel in the crown it is hoping to renegotiate its next broadcast deal.

“We have most‚ if not all of our broadcast deals ending this year — the 2019/20 season,” said Cricket SA CEO Thabang Moroe. “We will be sitting down with all our broadcasters to renegotiate.

“The difficulty we have is that our Future Tours Programme ends in 2023. That leaves us with two years’ content to sell. It is not a lot.

“We will have a scheduling meeting at ICC level at the end of February. We have to make a decision‚ do we have the T20 World Cup biannually‚ or do we bring back the Champions Trophy‚ what format and how many teams?

“The other reason we want the FTP to be pushed that far back is we want the opportunity to host world events‚ especially the World Cup.”

With Cricket SA’s broadcast deals coming to an end in 2020‚ there is greater urgency to get around the negotiating table.

“I received an e-mail from the CEO of SuperSport on Monday indicating we should find one day to renegotiate a new broadcast deal‚” Moroe said.

“They are strategising which products they want from us.

“It is no secret SuperSport would like to have cricket in its entirety‚ exclusively. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal they will bring to the table.

“We need to determine what products they can share with the public broadcaster knowing the problems the public broadcaster is going through.”

Moroe was referring to the Mzansi Super League, which the SABC broadcast earlier this season and will continue over the next two seasons.

Moroe would like SuperSport to get involved, but as with most things concerning the SABC‚ it is complicated. “We would like to have our products on the public broadcaster but not where it is to the detriment of the business‚” he said.

Moroe said the domestic T20 event will go ahead as planned, but a few things need to be ironed out.

“We need to decide where to host it. Are they willing to have it without the Proteas because the Indian Premier League has been brought forward this year.”