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01 May 2019 - 17:02

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MMUSI MAIMANE: Reordering the cabinet will help ...

Teetering on the brink of disaster, the country needs to rethink how departments are structured

By Mmusi Maimane
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STEVEN FRIEDMAN: Never underestimate the grassroots voter

The results of the elections show that ordinary folk are very much aware of the dynamics of politics than they are ...

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DA’s poll postmortem could have significant bearing on SA politics

ANC is in the same boat because despite Ramaphosa's popularity and new mandate, the governing party's divisions might ...

By Jason Robinson
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MICHAEL MORRIS: Stayaway voters may have discovered what actually delivers

More people are turning away from the democratic electoral process and getting on with their lives as best they can

By Michael Morris
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GENEVIEVE QUINTAL: Frustration rather than apathy behind low turnout

Voters are staying away from the polls in huge numbers and see the political process as unable to bring real change

By Genevieve Quintal

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NEWS ANALYSIS: DA’s problem could be critical, but the ANC’s is ...

Governing party is safe for another five years, but the evidence of its decline is inescapable, and Ramaphosa has his ...

Carol Paton
Writer at Large
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GENEVIEVE QUINTAL: Domestos defeats the IEC’s indelible ink

The electoral commission is being forced to face up to complaints and logistical errors as parties lodge objections

By Genevieve Quintal
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ANTHONY BUTLER: Ramaphosa’s tasks: trim cabinet and stabilise the ANC

Having promised a downsizing, he has to think carefully about who to appoint without causing ructions in his party

The Visual Side 

Trade Collective political economist Lebohang Pheko and Business Leadership SA Bonang Mohale discuss the elections with Business Day TV

Sunday Times parliamentary editor Thabo Mokone gives us his insight into what a coalition government entails and whether South Africans can expect a coalition government to form after the 2019 elections.

Wits University’s head of political studies, Daryl Glaser, talks Business Day TV about the May 8 general elections

Election results by province in 2014

Valid votes:  18,402,497
Spoilt votes: 252,274
Total votes: 18,654,771
Registered voters: 25,388,082
Turnout: 73.48 %