Herman Mashaba. Picture: SOWETAN
Herman Mashaba. Picture: SOWETAN

Herman Mashaba has vowed to resign as Johannesburg mayor if the DA goes into any coalition with the ANC after the elections.

Mashaba is the DA’s mayor of SA’s biggest budget municipality  and has had to keep together a minority coalition government with the help of the EFF.

Some within the DA have said they would rather go into a coalition with the ANC than the EFF given its radical leftist utterances on land expropriation and transformation.

In an interview with Business Day after the state of the city address, Mashaba, however, made it clear that he would not be able to stay in office if the DA decided to work with the ANC.

“I will never work with the ANC. If the DA or anyone else would work with the ANC, I would resign yesterday,” Mashaba said.

The reason for Mashaba’s stance, was quite clear, he said he would not work with “criminals”.

Gauteng is one of three provinces where the ANC is said to be vulnerable, according to several analysts. The EFF is expected to again be the kingmaker if the ANC falls below 50% in the province and if there is no decisive victor. The other provinces are Northern Cape and North West.

Mashaba, in his state of the city address on Tuesday, praised coalition governments, saying the successes of the metro happened against the backdrop of a coalition government.

The ANC, which won the largest number of votes in the  2016 local elections, but not enough to run the metro, walked out of Mashaba’s address saying he turned the important speech into a campaign for the DA .

“As a government, we benefit from the contribution each party brings to the table, proposing solutions to the complex variety of challenges that confront our residents on a daily bases,” he said.

Mashaba said the multi-party coalition held each other to account in ways that a single party dominant system would not allow.

“After the past two-and-a-half years, it is my hope that the coalition government becomes the future of politics in SA because it produces better government,” the mayor said.

Mashaba praised the EFF in his address, especially as it pertains to the metro’s in-sourcing of workers.

He said the city had already insourced 2,800 security workers, and announced that   800 more would be insourced on July 1.

He also announced that the city had initiated the insourcing of cleaning services which would see about 1,500 cleaners benefit.

“The insourcing , when combining Pikitup, security personnel and cleaners will see the lives of 6,600 families benefit from improved household income and the dignity of full-time employment,” Mashaba said.


Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba talks to Business Day TV about his plans to revive the city’s CBD