Mazibuye African Congress president Reggie Ngcobo. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES/THULI DLAMINI
Mazibuye African Congress president Reggie Ngcobo. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES/THULI DLAMINI

As the official launch of Mazibuye African Congress draws closer, one of the founders of the controversial Mazibuye African Forum has made an about-turn and given the new pro-Jacob Zuma party his blessing.

Phumlani Mfeka, one of the leaders of the Mazibuye African Forum, who was recently quoted as threatening legal action against the new party for using the name “Mazibuye”, said after meeting MAC leaders that he is now convinced the new party is on the right course.

Mazibuye African Forum has in the past called for Indians to be barred from accessing government tenders.

MAC, meanwhile, has said it is not open to “anything that looks white”. 

MAC will be formally launched at the end of September, and plans to take on the ANC and other established parties in next year’s general elections.

“As one of the founders of the Mazibuye African Forum, I agree that they can use this name,” Mfeka said on Tuesday.

“Those still insisting on legal action do not know what they are talking about. If indeed there is such an intent to take legal action, I view it as … bordering on … counterrevolutionary, as the term ‘Mazibuye’ existed within the Nguni language eons before the existence of the forum.

“Furthermore, the forum is not a political party and has since changed its name to Mazibuye maZulu, which has made it a formation focused on a specific tribe.…

“The MAC seems to be the only political formation which has maintained from a policy position that they are exclusively for the indigenous people of the country. I believe that such a political formation was necessary to ensure an undiluted authentic African platform.”

MAC interim leader Reggie Ngcobo said the party is still on track to launch next month and wants to meet both the former president and Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini to get their endorsements.

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