Solly Msimanga. Picture: BUSINESS DAY
Solly Msimanga. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

EFF leader Julius Malema on Tuesday vowed that Tshwane Metro executive mayor Solly Msimanga will face the same fate as ousted Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip when the vote of no confidence against him is tabled this week.

However‚ Malema reassured Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba that the EFF will never vote for his removal because "he works better with everyone".

Malema said Msimanga is being used "by the white DA caucus in Tshwane"‚ and that the EFF is willing to vote with the DA in the municipality as long as it presents a "credible candidate".

Said Malema: "What happened to Trollip is going to happen to Solly Msimanga. If the DA wants to remove Mashaba, we are not going to get involved because Mashaba works well with everyone."

Malema said the EFF is happy with Mashaba, who has listened to EFF proposals such as the insourcing of workers.

Moreover‚ said Malema‚ Mashaba is going to open 24-hour clinics across the city‚ "a manifesto of the EFF".

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed the media at a media briefing on August 28 2018. Here are 5 quotes that came out of it.

Msimanga 'surprised'

Msimanga said on Tuesday that he was taken by surprise by the moves by the EFF to remove him. 

Msimanga faces the very real prospect of being removed, which comes after he asked the council for the suspension of city manager Moeketsi Mosola over a questionable R12bn consultancy tender he signed with consultants GladAfrica.

Addressing the media on Tuesday‚ Msimanga said he had a good working relationship with the EFF‚ which was instrumental in voting his coalition government into power. “It came by surprise that when this particular matter came up‚ then it was a big concern‚” he said, adding that he always engages with the EFF leadership about the municipality. He said that on the Mosola issue‚ he wanted to “put everything on the table” because both his name and that of the municipality were “taking a beating” in the media.

“I don’t want to speculate about what went wrong in the relations [with the EFF]; I have always prided myself in being a consultative leader‚” he said. Msimanga said it was, in fact, the first time he had clashed with the EFF.

“I think I have always had a cordial relationship with the EFF. This was the first time we had to bump heads‚ where they felt I didn’t consult them‚” said Msimanga, who insisted that he was not saying Mosola was guilty‚ but merely wanted an investigation into the matter and‚ according to the law‚ Mosola had to be suspended for this to happen.

But earlier‚ Msimanga did not hold back‚ accusing the EFF of colluding with the ANC  to “loot and undermine the city”.

“The people of Tshwane must be under no illusion: this is not about good governance‚ it is about these parties' naked pursuit of power and access to resources and patronage.” Msimanga also attacked the ANC in Tshwane‚ saying the party wanted to regain power through the back door.

He said that part of the attack on him was because he had been selected as the DA premier candidate in Gauteng for next year’s elections. Msimanga said the DA caucus in Tshwane had expressed confidence in him at a meeting held on Monday, and had said, despite calls by the EFF for the DA to put up a new candidate‚ that the party will not budge.