The DA is set to take disciplinary action against two of its mayors in the Western Cape — one for making anti-gay comments and the other for imposing himself in the mayoral position.

The Western Cape is the DA’s electoral stronghold, but has been in turmoil barely a year ahead of the national elections. The party has set its sights on an increased majority in the province in the 2019 elections.

The DA has recently taken action against errant mayors in the province, with Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille being the most prominent.

The outcome of the De Lille matter will now depend on a ruling still to be made by the High Court in Cape Town.

George mayor Melvin Naik will face a three-day hearing, starting on Thursday, after he reportedly said he could not approve a performance by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus due to his Christian beliefs.

Meanwhile, Knysna mayor Mark Willemse will soon face a disciplinary hearing after he supported a motion of no confidence against the former DA mayor, Eleanore Bouw-Spies, and voted for himself as mayor after the motion succeeded.

James Selfe, chairman of the DA’s federal executive council, said other charges had been levelled against Naik "relating to action before he became mayor". Selfe did not say what these actions were.

He said the charges against Willemse stemmed from two interrelated matters. Earlier in June Willemse voted in support of the motion of no confidence against Bouw-Spies and went on to vote in support of himself as mayor during the same council meeting.

Selfe said the charge related to Willemse voting himself in as mayor. The party had ordered him to resign as mayor, but he had refused. Willemse has subsequently been charged with failure to carry out an instruction by a structure of the party,

Selfe said the disciplinary actions being conducted in the province were an attempt by the party to hold its public representatives to high standards.