Herman Mashaba. Picture: SOWETAN
Herman Mashaba. Picture: SOWETAN

For the third time‚ the City of Johannesburg has been unable to appoint an acting building control officer, despite attempting to do so at a special council meeting on Tuesday.

The appointment needs to be made because the city suspended the incumbent as he was accused of the following:

• Irregularities in the issuing of notices to developers‚ resulting in developments taking place without approved plans‚ creating a law-enforcement burden for the city‚ and loss of revenue.

• Failure to implement a geoscience report that pre-empted possible collapsing of houses in both Lenasia and Protea‚ as stated in a recent report presented by the National Home Builders Registration Council.

• Dereliction of duties with regard to public protector matters.

• Insubordination and failure to carry out various lawful instructions.

"[Tuesday’s] special council sitting represented the third such instance where the multi-party government has attempted to resolve this urgent matter. With each attempt‚ the ANC has fought against the city’s efforts to address wrongdoing by claiming the new administration is on a witch-hunt‚" said Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.

"Their actions continue to be at the expense of residents and the development of our city. The ANC’s claim is absurd given the seriousness of the allegations‚ and the implications of potential further abuse of someone continuing to serve in such a position.

"The unfortunate turn of events also came about as a result of members of the EFF also voting against the proposal. Their reasons for doing so remain unclear at this point."

The mayor accused the ANC of failing the city in its effort to hold an official accused of serious misconduct accountable. "As a result of [Tuesday’s] proceedings‚ the city is considering all other available options for speedily resolving the matter. This will invariably require another special council meeting, which has yet to be scheduled. I call on all parties to work to put the best interests of residents first‚ and finally resolve this matter."