Solly Msimanga. Picture: SOWETAN
Solly Msimanga. Picture: SOWETAN

The DA has, once again, lamented a walk-out by the ANC during a council meeting on Wednesday.

In a statement, Tshwane executive mayor Solly Msimanga accused the ANC of displaying "flagrant disregard for their constitutional mandate to serve in the interests of the people of Tshwane by staging yet another walk-out in today’s continuation council meeting resulting, in its premature adjournment".

"As unsurprising as it is‚ it is still disappointing that public representatives elected to serve the people of Tshwane‚ which includes participating in council‚ elected to shaft that mandate in a failed attempt to score cheap political points," Msimanga continued.

"In doing so the ANC in the Tshwane metro council cited that the meeting was inquorate and therefore could not continue. This is disingenuous and a deliberate distortion of the truth to try and mislead the public.

"The fact is that today’s meeting was quorate until the ANC benches decided to abdicate their responsibility and later cried foul that the DA-led administration plotted to shut down meaningful debate."

This is not the first time the ANC has walked out of a council meeting since the DA-led administration took over the capital after the 2016 local government elections.

Msimanga said it was regrettable that the EFF were also not present in council this morning. "The reasons for this were not made clear to us and it will be for the EFF to explain to its constituents in Tshwane, as well as the residents as a whole, as to why they have chosen to put power back in the hands of the ANC when our people need us most to fight for them as they have vowed to."