The ANC top six. Picture: ALON SKUY
The ANC top six. Picture: ALON SKUY

The incoming ANC national executive committee will develop an accountability framework for employees of the party in government and state-owned entities (SOEs) to hold them accountable.

A core issue at the country’s ailing SOEs has been the politically determined appointments of boards and chief executives, which made them vulnerable to political interference.

SOEs have also been the battleground for the fight over state resources by ANC factions and featured prominently in the allegations of state capture.

ANC Johannesburg regional chairman Parks Tau, speaking to the media on the outcomes of the legislature and governance commission, said the political and executive authorities of SOEs needed to be held accountable.

"In an SOE there is a minister who is the executive authority, they have a particular responsibility of executing their mandate in the context of an accountability framework, who would then look at how they are executing the developmental mandate of the SOE, how are they executing the governance mandate of the SOE and the governance system, and make sure we get maximum output from the functions they have been assigned," he said.

Tau said that, in essence, it would ensure that governance in SOEs was appropriate.

This accountability framework would apply to all ANC deployees in government.

Subcommittee member Obed Bapela said the conference resolved that the ANC must focus on the mandate of SOEs and make necessary inputs and policy guidelines to the presidential SOE council, and also make sure the presidential review committee outcomes are looked at and implemented to deal with issues of corruption.

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