Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Picture: Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Picture: Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

The six expelled EFF Mogale City councillors’ court bid to have their removal as councillors interdicted pending an appeal of the of the outcome of the internal disciplinary hearing, has been scrapped from the urgent court roll in the Johannesburg High Court.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a statement on Thursday that the party welcomes the judgment, in which the councilors’ bid was dismissed with costs. It is, however, understood that the councillors are not yet done with the legal route, and are drafting papers to take the case through ordinary court processes, as they feel they were wronged.

"We welcome this dismissal, particularly because these six councillors’ argument as to why they must not be removed was that they would lose their salaries. In essence, they did not go to court to defend their membership in the EFF, but the salaries they earn from being councillors. This proves our long-held suspicion that they are driven by money and not service to our revolution and the people," Ndlozi said.

The councillors were expelled from the party after they voted to pass the Mogale City budget with the ANC. The ANC succeeded in wresting executive power from the coalition-led government, after a motion of no confidence in former DA mayor Michael Holenstein succeeded. The EFF councillors also defied a national instruction by attending the meeting the day the budget was passed.

Business Day reported after the vote that the councillors had said then that they had acted "on the will of the people they represented, who told them to make sure they pass the budget".

"It is an important revelation that all who join our ranks must take note of: our public representatives must never be about salaries. What must always define their interest is service to our people and the objectives of our revolution," Ndlozi said in the statement. "As fighters, in all the corners of our ranks, we must isolate ‘career activists’ who come in our midst, masquerading as revolutionaries, when actually, they are here to earn salaries."

He added the party "is not an employment agency and shall never bend to the reactionary, narcissistic and destructive tendency of [those] who use the people’s revolution to advance their personal financial status".

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