ANC MP Mondli Gungubele. Picture: ANTONIO MUCHAVE/SOWETAN.
ANC MP Mondli Gungubele. Picture: ANTONIO MUCHAVE/SOWETAN.

One of the ANC MPs suspected of voting against President Jacob Zuma in Tuesday’s motion of no confidence is having no sleepless nights about the matter.

It has emerged that some party structures have embarked on a campaign to smoke out "the sell-outs", and have called for punitive action to be taken against ANC MPs who may have voted to oust him.

The ANC’s outspoken Mondli Gungubele‚ who has repeatedly made it clear he was going to vote with his conscience during the no-confidence vote on Tuesday‚ said his vote would remain secret and that people should accept the outcome of Tuesday’s vote.

Gungubele said so far‚ nobody in the leadership of the ANC had directly questioned him about how he voted and that he was "not worried at all" about reports that some structures of the party were on a witch-hunt for those ANC MPs who voted in favour of the opposition-sponsored motion.

"I’m a democrat. And there’s a reason why a vote is secret and why it is kept secret. All I’m happy about is that the ANC decided to respect the Constitution and looked at the rationale as prescribed by the Constitutional Court and implemented it. That makes me proud of the organisation in as far as the process is concerned‚" Gungubele said on Thursday.

"The voting was done in the most democratic manner because‚ I always say‚ a mature democracy is when the honest views of the most timid is known. When democracy is not there‚ the timid won’t speak. When it is secret‚ it means people were free and were able to express themselves honestly. And we must accept the results. Other issues can be discussed as we go on." The pro-Zuma ANC branch in KwaZulu-Natal has called for action to be taken against ANC MPs who may have voted against Zuma, after Tuesday’s vote showed that at least 26 governing-party MPs may have supported the motion.

Gungubele and other outspoken and independent-minded MPs such as Makhosi Khoza‚ Pravin Gordhan‚ Mathole Motshekga and Derek Hanekom, are the prime suspects as they had previously said they would let their conscience guide their vote.

In the days leading to the motion‚ Gungubele came under attack by ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu‚ who accused him of "ill-discipline" for his outspokenness on the matter‚ and the former mayor of Ekurhuleni only stopped talking publicly on the matter after he was asked to do so by the provincial executive committee of the ANC in his home province of Gauteng.

He said whatever the results, all MPs must accept them.

Calls to Motshekga and Hanekom went unanswered while Gordhan was not reachable.

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