Murphy Morobe. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA
Murphy Morobe. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

The first two days set aside to discuss the health of the ANC prior to its national policy conference this week, will be "an exercise in futility", veterans and stalwarts of the movement said on Thursday.

Spokesperson for the group Murphy Morobe made the distinction clear during a media conference in Johannesburg. The ANC veterans and stalwarts have pleaded for a separate consultative conference to address the crisis in the governing party.

A statement read out by Morobe reiterated that the veterans and stalwarts would not attend the two-day meeting meant for discussion about the state of the organisation.

The policy conference opens on Friday, and will run until Wednesday next week.

Morobe said they believed that the overwhelming majority of ANC members and supporters were good people who wanted to make SA a better place, and that they embraced the values of the Freedom Charter and the Constitution.

He emphasised that the veterans and stalwarts spoke for all members and supporters who rejected corruption.

Morobe said no one who believed in the ANC’s principles, along with the fight against apartheid, the attainment of a constitutional democracy and the national democratic revolution, would want the group to be silent on the crisis in the ANC.

"Silence will only allow the crisis to deepen and lead to the demise of what the ANC has stood for," Morobe said.

He said veterans and stalwarts believed the call for unity made by ANC leaders was nothing more than a refusal to acknowledge the depth of the crisis in the party and the country.

"The ANC is rapidly losing the legitimacy and trust of our people. The longer the crisis in our movement and country is not confronted, the deeper the crisis will become," Morobe said.

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