A Jewish man waves an Israeli flag in Jerusalem's Old City. Picture: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN
A Jewish man waves an Israeli flag in Jerusalem's Old City. Picture: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN

There is a lovely (tongue-in-cheek) saying that describes an immigrant from another country — poorly educated, not proficient in English, and a rather humble background.

This same immigrant, endowed with high intelligence, ambition and a laudable work ethic, succeeded in creating a new, worthwhile and successful life in his new environment. The description went as follows: “From Poland to Polo in one generation.” That is, he elevated his financial and social standing exponentially.

The antithesis of this saying would read: “From hope to hopelessness in two generations.” And this would still be a compliment to the ANC ruling party in SA. Hopelessness could well be substituted by “disaster” as that is what this dysfunctional organisation has descended to in a mere 27 years. 

Almost every thinking journalist, commentator and liberal organisation is very much expressing the same criticism, disappointment and exasperation regarding the ANC, its leadership and its policies that has led SA to the “brink”.

The ANC government, after winning the first democratic election in the country has misruled for 27 years and achieved nothing but a bankrupt, dysfunctional and kleptocratic state governed over by a coterie of incompetence and arrogance.

While SA shed its abhorrent apartheid racist regime, to be replaced with a non-racist, non-sexist, constitutional democracy something we were all extremely proud of and embraced, things have unfortunately, turned out very differently. Sadly, we are experiencing almost as much racism under ANC rule now.

The ANC policy of cadre deployment, broad-based BEE, the Judicial Service Commission’s (JSC’s) recent selection of Constitutional Court replacements and the ANC version of affirmative action has clearly exposed the ANC’s racialism.

Hardly a day passes without an attack on other racial and minority groups by an ANC leader, spreading widespread racial discrimination. This racist agenda manifests itself most blatantly in their constant unabashed anti-Semitic attacks against the Jewish people. Is there any association between boycotting the only Jewish state and the Jewish people? Attacking the Jewish state is a constant narrative of the ANC, cleverly designed to conflate hatred of Jews.

The ANC is closely aligned to the BDS, a movement that is anti-Semitic in cause, purpose and  meaning. Naturally they would deny being anti-Semitic, but their behaviour speaks differently.

Allan Wolman
Tel Aviv, Israel


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