I agree with Kganki Matabane’s article on professionals’ obligation to society, though I have some questions (“We all have the obligation to do the right thing”, July 6).

I wrote to various departments in 2020 and escalated to the office of the president, offering fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) solutions to avoid fraud and corruption during the disbursement of the initial funding that was approved for Covid-19 relief, but my letters fell on deaf ears. What, if any, say does a citizen like me have?

We have highly qualified individuals operating as government officials, yet I as a citizen was able to spot the disaster that unfolded way in advance. Why couldn’t these highly skilled officials?

Private entities must be held accountable if services that are paid for are not delivered, but why would they turn away from an advertised tender? Does the government not have watchdogs analysing the legitimacy of tenders?

The system of fraud and corruption in our government is highly complex and planned. It is unfortunate that we can only stand by and watch our motherland decay.

Our government says there are many ways in which it is creating jobs, but are they real jobs or just jobs that are created to manipulate employment figures?

Nilesh Maharaj
Via email

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