Despite Allan Wolman’s bravado that Israelis “are not going anywhere”, which is reminiscent of right-wing Afrikaners’ misplaced confidence about the immortality of apartheid SA, eventually the apartheid state of Israel will also be dismantled. (“Change anti-Israel policy”, March 25).

In recent decades, settler-colonial states have witnessed the transfer of power either through violence, as was the case in Liberia and in then Rhodesia, or through the ballot box, as was the case in Bolivia and Taiwan.

Notwithstanding Israeli propaganda, there is a growing international awareness of Israel’s destruction of more than 500 Palestinian villages over a period of two years (1947-1949), its cruel expulsion of the majority of people of historical Palestine, its refusal to grant them the right of return, its blatant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, its brutal occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967, its acquiescence of the continued theft of Palestinian property by settlers, its connivance in the destruction of Palestinian crops and property, its incremental genocide, and its extreme and questionable methods to achieve the Zionification of East Jerusalem.

This growing international awareness will undoubtedly lead to a worldwide movement not unlike the anti-apartheid movement. Wolman should take note that the writing is on the wall. Yes, Israel is powerful, but so too was apartheid SA, with its strong conscripted army and six-and-a-half nuclear weapons, which were manufactured with Israeli assistance. Israel too will reach its tipping point, its own Cuito Cuanavale moment, which will not necessarily be a military one.

It is not only BDS that is campaigning for a just dispensation in historical Palestine. The One Democratic State Campaign, a joint Palestinian-Israeli venture, aims to establish one secular pluralistic state that will allow, inter alia, for the right of return, reparations and a redistribution of land and resources.   

As happened in SA, Israelis will sooner or later have to decide whether they want a real democracy or an ethnic circumscribed one.  

Gunvant Govindjee

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