Picture: REUTERS
Picture: REUTERS

If the ANC couldn’t pay its Luthuli House employees on time last month, how will it get SA through this economic crisis?

The first quarter’s contraction was 2%. Covid-19 will have delivered a veritable coup de grace in the second. Discussions about loans from the IMF and raising rather than lowering government expenditure are academic as any aid received cannot get to the right place.

President Cyril Ramaphosa can say there is R500bn to get our economy back on its feet, but as state structures from parliament to the municipalities have been hollowed out due to corruption, indolence and incompetence, how will the much-needed water get to the fire?

The Weimar Republic succumbed to the Nazis’ Enabling Act in 1933 at an unemployment rate of 40%. Ours will be through 50% by the third quarter and the urban youth, destitute middle class and even the rural poor will soon vote for anyone who says they have a silver bullet.

A government of national unity, like Britain’s in World War 2, might have worked before Covid-19, but I fear our Dunkirk has already happened with no little ships in sight.

The final option is for the Western Cape to cut loose from the sinking ship and take its chances in the global storms that are bearing down.

James Cunningham
Camps Bay

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