Those who advocate a planned economy were discredited when the Berlin Wall tumbled. Those who advocated an economy dependent on the market, such as capitalism, were discredited in 1929.

It is obvious that a mixed economy is more pragmatic. The choice is the Asian version, as exemplified by China, Korea, Singapore and now India. Of these, China is the most controlled version, and India the least controlled.

But we are Africa and it is unfortunate that Africa has a way to go in catching up with the real world. SA is caught in the spider’s web of the Freedom Charter, heavily influenced by William Beveridge’s infamous plan adopted and advanced by the British Labour party.

However, even Labour was divided between hard-core socialists, centred on Nye Bevan, the duplicitous Harold Wilson and then the Corbyn faction and opposing pragmatists headed by Hugh Gaitskell and then Tony Blair.

As the election results of December 2019 revealed, the English working class has eventually tumbled to the fact their interests are best served when a business-friendly government is in power. The Scots, by contrast, still believe their best interests are advanced by national socialists.

The question is, when will the SA electorate realise that its best interests will be best advanced by a business-friendly administration, and either choose a Gaitskill/Blair-like faction of the socialists or, preferably, an out-and-out business-friendly party that permits and advances full employment?

Errol Callaghan