The more I see and read of what is happening to the country the more I realise that the ANC has simply dusted off the National Party’s old policies with its draconian lockdown regulations, including the nighttime curfew, confining people at their homes at unreasonable times, restricting what they can buy, when and from where, making it compulsory to carry a dompas/identity, not being allowed to go further than 5km from home when exercising, and banning alcohol and cigarettes.

But what did we expect from comrades who were trained in the old authoritarian Soviet Union and have been given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to apply what they learnt? Now that they have tasted real power and thrown the constitution in the dustbin, with no oversight from parliament, they will not let go without a fight. With the army and police on the prowl and under their collective thumbs, I shudder at the future.

Jean Michel Bouvier

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