Trade & industry minister Ebrahim Patel. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA
Trade & industry minister Ebrahim Patel. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

I hesitated before writing this letter — these days one has to look over one’s shoulder since the politically correct brigade will jump on you for the slightest of reasons. But smiling and making fun of the contortions our ministers go through to justify all their rules and regulations, which are not open to democratic (parliamentary) scrutiny, is no longer sufficient.

As Michael Morris pointed out in his column, the governing elite in SA are enjoying the new powers they have granted themselves after creating enough panic to keep us all compliant — tens of thousands of deaths were promised if we didn’t adhere to the rules and regulations (“Private enterprise stands little chance without state opening the way”, May 17).

Even after steadfastly refusing to wear open toe shoes and definitely hiding my T-shirts under long-sleeved shirts (as requested by our esteemed trade & industry minister) we now know from the scientists that I may still die — just a few months later. So all of this was supposed to be about postponing the agony.

The price we will pay will be much larger if the authorities resist giving up the myriad ways of controlling the populace it now has at its disposal. The ANC is determined to achieve its aim — a police state and dictatorship of the proletariat — the proletariat in this instance being the national coronavirus command council.     

Friedrich J Mueller

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