Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: NTSWE MOKOENA
Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: NTSWE MOKOENA

I read with jaw-dropping astonishment public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan’s accusations against the SAA business rescue practitioners who were appointed to resolve the shocking state of affairs at the airline. He accused them of being “unfair” to employees, shareholders and the country as a whole, but who appointed the various nefarious (to use his phrase) CEOs and other board members, culminating in the infamous Dudu Myeni? The very same ANC that now hurls accusations at the practitioners, demanding that they save the unsaveable!

Was it fair to the employees when successive management teams ran the once proud SAA into the ground and stripped it of all its financial resources through corrupt practices? Was it fair to the country when, despite ample evidence of gross negligence and, yes, nefarious motivations, that the same ANC Gordhan represents kept the likes of Myeni at the helm of SAA?

Is it fair on employees and the public that not one person has been brought to account for these criminal acts? Does Gordhan consider that fair? It is not! Not in any way, shape or form. And yet he dares stand up and accuse the business rescue practitioners, who have been involved only for the past few months, of not being able to “rescue” a broken institution that has been brought to its knees over more than 15 years of unconscionable mismanagement.

The money is gone, Mr Gordhan! So has the last vestige of your credibility and dignity. There is nothing left to rescue.

Yvette Young 
Via e-mail

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