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Picture: 123RF

It is about time that the business community demanded a return to work (“Business calls for quick move to level 2", May 18). This call seems to be supported by labour, and even the medical profession, which no longer supports the hard lockdown.

At Nedlac, the body that promotes consensus between the government, labour and business, there seems to be consensus that the justification for the lockdown has passed. Of course, Nedlac does not speak for the unemployed, who now are a far larger group than the employed. Furthermore, history has shown us that much of the discussion and decision-making at Nedlac has been ignored by the government, rendering the body a “toy telephone”.

There is a lot of talking at Nedlac, but little listening. Yet this is the forum where the important topic of the return to work should be not only debated but its decisions implemented by the government. Let’s see if the government listens to the strong opinion voiced by Nedlac that there is a need to return to work.

Michael Bagraim
DA deputy shadow labour & employment minister

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