Your editorial is allegorical — the reality is the ANC leadership sees SAA as a holy cow and fears that slaughtering it will set off a chain of events it won’t  be able to contain (“What’s Gordhan up to?” April 28).

It will be an admission that the economic policies the party has pursued over the past 26 years have failed, which will undermine its legitimacy. Therefore, it is no surprise that the powers that be at Luthuli House will move mountains if they must to find a solution that will save the house, as imperfect it may be.

If this presidency thought Pravin Gordhan could be Achilles, a tragic Greek hero who would save all the state-owned enterprises from their financial afflictions, it was terribly misguided. The sooner this government realises there is no silver bullet for SAA and Eskom the sooner it can accept the reality that there will have to be wholesale retrenchments, which will lead to the only path: privatisation. Covid-19 has exposed the ANC's achilles heel.

John Catsicas, Via e-mail

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