ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS
ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS

In the light of Covid-19 one wonders whether municipal elections will take place timeously. It would certainly suit the ANC should they be called off. By now it’s fully aware of its vulnerability and would undoubtedly face huge voter losses.

However, if the president and his men and women box clever, they will use this time to concentrate their efforts on helping the poor — especially those in rural areas — with food, water and proper sanitation. After all, it’s the ANC through its state capture cronies that stole monies earmarked for housing and improved living conditions.

It’s payback time. The opposition parties too, have a part to play in supporting any effort to raise the hopes of the downtrodden. Put infighting on the back burner.

The irony is that politically it is probably the best time to get our country back on track, because the nation as a whole is unified as never before, albeit due to the scourge of a horrific disease.

Cliff Buchler
Via e-mail

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