I noticed something unusual in your edition of January 27. It was not the frequency of articles punting “climate change” — six in all, which is par for the course — but two in particular that seemed to contradict the “party line”.

On page four there was an article by Will Dunham referring to a theory on why the planet emerged from the last ice age and led to a global thaw (“Asteroid may have helped Earth out of ice age”). What? Not caused by man or that dastardly greenhouse gas carbon dioxide?

That there was an ice age, and that it is receding, is not generally disputed. Perhaps also the sun played a part, its rays nibbling away at the lower edges of the polar ice caps and other glacial areas over time? The inference of both theories is that “global warming” has been proceeding quite naturally for millions of years and no amount of virtue signalling by the climate elite can stop it.

By coincidence, on the same page there was an article by one Philip Stephens. In the last paragraph he had to admit that a large swathe of voters are in no mood to be cheated  by the self–appointed elite minority pushing decarbonisation charges on to them to promote their own need to virtue signal.

If Business Day firmly believes the end is nigh, given that it is not an essential service why not volunteer to close down your organisation completely? That should save a few tonnes of emissions.

Colin Flockhart
Cape Town

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