Luthuli House in Johannesburg. Picture: SOWETAN
Luthuli House in Johannesburg. Picture: SOWETAN

The roller-coaster ride SA is stuck on is due entirely to the internal machinations and infighting within the ANC. We do not have government problems per se, we have terminal problems within this political organisation of pompous and self-righteous scoundrels.

The ANC has made it clear for decades to all who will listen that they are the country and must be in control of everything. The country is controlled not by a sovereign parliament but by the party politico and national executive committee, and all the other internal parts and divisions of this political septic tank. Luthuli House and the regular weekend getaways are how the ANC sees itself ruling our country.

The ANC is well past its functional sell-by date. It is time for a change. SA is suffering and may well die because this once (a very long time ago, well before any of us were born) good political party has succumbed to corruption, ineptness, nepotism and sheer ignorance, which has brought us to a breaking point.

It is time the electorate start to reclaim control. We need an SA Spring in which good citizens demand that the government step aside in favour of a coalition of patriotic and competent South Africans. Such a grand coalition would no doubt contain many good ANC people, but the weeds and parasites will have to be poisoned and fall by the wayside.

If good South Africans delay or shy away from this duty, we will do so in the knowledge that we have allowed the ANC to sign our death warrants.

Dr Peter Baker
Parktown North

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