Picture: REUTERS
Picture: REUTERS

SA is in a deep crisis and we need serious leadership before things get worse. The problem is Eskom, and the lack of solutions to deal with its problems is a clear sign that there is lack of leadership in this country. We have the office of the presidency contradicting itself, and the less said about our ministers the better. 

The unfortunate part is that the problems of our power utility also affect our economy. This means many of the matriculants who have just received their results will add to the statistics of the unemployed. This could be reduced if we had a power utility that was responsive to the needs of the economy and society at large.

It is clear that our government did not plan for the future when it took over from the apartheid government. It didn’t know that population growth and the influx of immigrants would affect the distribution of power, hence the mess we are in. Had they done this as early as 1994 we would never have experienced load-shedding.

We need our leaders to be honest with us; they must stop lying, especially when dealing with Eskom’s problems. We need to know what these challenges are and whether there has been sabotage as some claim. We need to know if this is being done to force independent power producers on us. We also need to know how Eskom is going to recover the money it is owed by municipalities and households, instead of perpetually asking for government bailouts.

Tom Mhlanga

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