Picture: 123RF/pyzata
Picture: 123RF/pyzata

So our president, in his wisdom, releases about 51,000 prisoners, commuting their sentences as a goodwill gesture. God alone knows what their crimes were, yet we hardly hear any objections, let alone a revolt from any sectors of society.

In England, about 1,100 inmates were let out of prison for six days to be with their families during the Christmas holidays and then had to return to prison. And there the whole population is in uproar.

Newspapers were full of articles complaining that the number is excessive and a kick in the teeth for their victims, that it makes a mockery of the justice system and poses a risk to public safety, and so on. Even for just six days.

Small wonder, then, that Lord Peter Hain was here three weeks ago from London giving advice and pointers to the Zondo commission on how to handle the looters, their associates and all the other exposed criminals here.

As we have found out with the ANC government and the laws it has passed, criminals in SA have more rights than the innocent public.

Jean Michel Bouvier, Bryanston

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