DA members at the party's manifesto launch in Johannesburg. Picture: GENEVIEVE QUINTAL
DA members at the party's manifesto launch in Johannesburg. Picture: GENEVIEVE QUINTAL

It must be so good to be one of the many “political analysts” or “political commentators” we read in the media, hear on our radio stations and see on television. They, quite rightly, expect complete accountability from politicians, but are not measured by the same yardstick.

Every political analyst/commentator and her dog was waxing lyrical recently about the “implosion” of the DA. They provided no analysis but pushed a racial narrative with no substance or proof whatsoever.

It must be frustrating for these commentators, who keep telling the world the DA is a white party when the facts are very different. Even after this year’s “implosive” elections, the DA still has more black support than the United Democratic Movement, African Transformation Movement, Good Party, National Freedom Party, African Independent Congress, COPE and the PAC — combined. And these are so-called “black parties”.

I smiled when one political commentator lamented how “complicated” the DA’s structure is. In the mind of these “political experts” anything outside the ANC mould is “complex” and “difficult to understand”. As part of a plan to drive a racial agenda, another of these “experts” questioned the racial composition of the DA federal council, hinting at it being exclusively white. I could sense the frustration of the “expert”, as I read the piece, at how reality was not fitting their racial narrative.

The DA has been written off by many of these so-called experts and commentators since 1994, and every time they’re proved wrong they’re suddenly nowhere to be seen; unaccounted for and unaccountable for what they said.

The DA is re-evaluating its election performance (something no other party that’s lost support has done or is doing). Voters are not blind. They see we are introspecting and admitting that we need to fix a few things. This is what voters want us to do. How do I know this? Because, just as voters punished the DA for doing things wrong by returning us to parliament with fewer seats in the general election, so they reward us for doing the right thing. Recent by-election results are proof of this.

We have held our own in recent by-elections. Again, not a word about this from any of these “experts”. The DA is overcoming its challenges. The voters see this and share our vision of a prosperous and united SA for all. In the meantime, most of the armchair political commentators will continue to talk nonsense about the DA when in reality the DA remains the only hope for SA.

Manny de Freitas, MP
DA shadow tourism minister