Andre de Ruyter. Picture: SUPPLIED
Andre de Ruyter. Picture: SUPPLIED

Some commentators were apparently “enraged” that Andre de Ruyter, a white male, was appointed as the new CEO of embattled Eskom, a demanding position. His professional skills and abilities were seemingly a secondary matter.

I would like to think the term “enraged” should be reserved for things like 23 people being killed in a taxi accident due to a drunken driver getting behind the wheel of a clapped-out vehicle with no brakes. Or a child being gang raped, or a politician being shown to have embezzled billions yet continuing to hold public office.

I wonder if these “enraged” individuals would feel the same if they were injured in a car accident and were attended to by a white paramedic, or operated on by a white male specialist surgeon?

One of the principal reasons for SA’s economic decline is that we have, yet again, decided to choose colour over competence. There are simply too many examples of incompetent black individuals being put in charge of state-owned enterprises and government departments.

Anyone who is incompetent or crooked should be fired regardless of colour so people who can actually do the job can be appointed rather than filling some stupid, arbitrary quota.

Dr Peter Baker, Parktown

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