Eskom. Picture: REUTERS
Eskom. Picture: REUTERS

As an average user of electricity, I totally agree with outgoing Goldman Sachs SA CEO Colin Coleman that Eskom has too many unproductive employees. Since 1994 the Eskom workforce has increased by about half, but electricity production has hardly changed.

A restructuring of the workforce is overdue. If the government really intends turning Eskom around it should place a moratorium on the unionised workers’ right to strike. Newly appointed CEO Andy Calitz should be given unlimited power to do what is required to turn Eskom into a profitable, business-like enterprise.

The president and government should man up and look at what is best for the whole country, not only for the ANC and its trade union alliance partner. It is time for the president and the government to realise they were elected to govern, not to take orders from Luthuli House.

Party politics has a role to play in electing a government, but once parliament has been elected it should govern the country without interference. This would enable it to eradicate corruption.

Johan Roets
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