The Vaal River. Picture: SOWETAN
The Vaal River. Picture: SOWETAN

Gauteng premier David Makhura said on the radio the other night (cue sombre voice): “We are going to have to spend R1.1bn to fix the pollution in the Vaal river.”

Well done — at least someone has woken up at last. Do us a favour though: let’s spend the money at once.

It’s time to address the noxious cocktail that caused this problem in the first place — grossly incompetent cadres, starting with the minster of water affairs and cascading down to mayors, municipal managers and technical managers, mixed with a sprinkling of corruption.

I invite Emfuleni to name the executives in the municipality who have been fired for this mess. Same old, same old — no consequences for anyone. The ANC is touting the fourth industrial revolution, but let’s first master the second.

Doug Heher

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