As the article stating that Game Changers is vegan hype is written by a person firmly in the Noakes camp who said “people cannot survive on a vegan diet”, there are several points that need addressing.

The first is that vegans have no agenda other than not being party to the horrific suffering all animals who are eaten endure, and which carnists ignore due to what is known as cognitive dissonance, meaning when the brain and the conscience are in conflict.

Denial is another term that is apt. Veganism or strict vegetarianism has been around for thousands of years and many of the world’s greatest minds have abstained from animal-based foods and animal by-products.  The question is, were they brilliant because they ate plants, or did they eat plants because they were brilliant?

Whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not, we have no need of animal flesh in our diet. How do we know this?

There are millions of long-term vegans/plant-based eaters around the world who are healthy, as well as athletes who have made positive changes and seen the results. Many thousands have changed to plant-based living to successfully reverse heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

There will always be those who will defend their right to do what they want, regardless of the resultant suffering and environmental destruction, and who would rather pop pills and undergo surgery instead of making dietary changes. Methinks, however, they doth protest too much.

Toni Brockhoven
Chair, Beauty Without Cruelty SA