Mmusi Maimane. Picture: ALISTAIR RUSSELL
Mmusi Maimane. Picture: ALISTAIR RUSSELL

Many reporters, particularly black commentators, are trying desperately to portray the DA’s dilemma as something orchestrated by a right-wing white woman, and that the whole sorry saga is one of race.

Nothing could be more incorrect. Mmusi Maimane fell on a sword of his own making. He commissioned the panel to look into and come up with recommendations for the party’s poor performances. The panel, if one bothers to read its report, was thorough: scores of people were interviewed and more than 200 submissions received.

The overwhelming number of responses across the colour line in the party pointed to lack of decisive leadership and lack of clarity on major policies, among important issues where there was leadership failure. It is not sour grapes when as leader you led the party to its first and biggest failure in 25 years, when the report you as leader asked for says you messed things up and should resign.

Many in the media cannot accept the truth of Maimane’s failure as leader so  everything is reduced to race. When the DA elect a new leader, which will happen freely and democratically (unlike the ANC’s vote buying), if that person is white they will be doomed because no white leader will be acceptable.

Rejecting somebody on the basis of race, regardless of merit, is fundamentally racist.

Charles Cadman
Via e-mail

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