Picture: 123RF/NITSUKI
Picture: 123RF/NITSUKI

John Kane-Berman’s theatrical and misguided attempt to defend the views of climate-change deniers on the basis that cardiologists with differing views on the cause of heart disease receive fair and balanced reporting in the media, demands a response (Deniers Have Hearts Too, October 21).

There now exists undeniable, overwhelming and alarming scientific evidence, backed up by thousands of credible peer-reviewed scientific reports, that a human-induced climate catastrophe is unfolding around the world. We need only look to the drought-ravaged Eastern Cape to appreciate the scale of the unfolding disaster.

There is no credible or widely accepted counterargument whatsoever, despite the best shenanigans of the fossil-fuel funded right-leaning media. Like those who continue to believe that statin drugs, canola, dollops of margarine and simple carbs will save their hearts from premature decay, so too the climate change deniers continue to believe that the earth is merely adjusting to a natural cooling cycle.

At the heart of the matter lies the truth — and that is that the media have finally accepted that the facts are indisputable and that they have an obligation to report objectively and sincerely on matters that have profound implications for the wellbeing and survival of humanity.

Dr Andrew Baxter
Via e-mail


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