The DA's James Selfe, right, with leader Mmusi Maimane. Picture: FELIX DLANGAMANDLA
The DA's James Selfe, right, with leader Mmusi Maimane. Picture: FELIX DLANGAMANDLA

It must be the slow news cycle. How else can you explain the leading story in most news outlets? Former Western Cape premier Helen Zille is back, was the main headline.

Nothing new there — Zille never left. She loves the media attention and I can’t see her staying out of the limelight. Poor Mmusi Maimane was set to fail from the start.

First, he should never have been allowed to lead the DA. He is too nice a guy to be a politician, let alone lead a complicated party like the DA. 

The DA does not know if it wants to be a black or white party. 

The sad reality is that SA needs a strong DA to strengthen this democracy. Unfortunately, the party lacks the vision and leaders to challenge the ANC and unite this country. 

Zille is not the right leader to move the party out of its quagmire. She is part of the problem. Neither is Athol Trollip or Mike Waters. 

Only James Selfe has the unifying qualities the party needs. Selfe is a white version of Naledi Pandor. He can reach out to black voters. He needs to surround himself with authentic black leaders, such as Mbali Ntuli.  

But Zille, Tony Leon and their followers have a messianic mentality to think only they and their white followers have the answers.  

As the party for the future, the DA needs a unifying leader who understands black frustrations and white fears. 

Please, Mr Selfe, don’t step down. 

Lucas Ntyintyane
Via e-mail

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