Hats off to Mike Muller for highlighting his problems with service at his bank (“Banks need more workers”, October 1). Anyone who has tried to contact his or her bank will confirm that the caller will be subjected to an array of options and eventually offered the option to speak to an operator.

Generally the reason a person calls the bank is to speak to an operator, yet this option is greeted with the announcement of the system experiencing a high level of calls and the caller is invited to deal with the problem online. Then follows either a litany of bank service adverts or inappropriate music, while the caller is urged to be patient and reassured that their call is important. This can take up 20 minutes.

Similar delays are experienced at the service counters in the banking hall, where chairs are provided and customers are seen whiling away the hours by playing with their cellphones. It is obvious that the banks are understaffed. No wonder employees are resisting retrenchment.

A recent call I made to the SA Revenue Service was promptly answered and the query professionally resolved within minutes. A lesson to the banks.

Jeanne McLeod, Claremont